The Sport for Good Atlanta Alliance will focus on five areas: Education, Employment & Income, Health & Well-Being, Community Cohesion, and Sustainability.

Because we envision thriving communities on Atlanta’s Westside, these focus areas intentionally address a range of factors that enable youth, their families, and their communities to flourish. Within each focus area, each working group identified specific outcomes, which serve as the long-term goals for their work, and objectives, which function as guideposts as they implement the strategies. Check out our PLAYBOOK for the details.

All told, we expect to affect over 7,000 households within the target communities over the next three years.

Health & Well-Being Outcomes:

  • Attract quality, community-invested volunteers.

  • Increase sports-based programs for youth.
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Recreation Centers

Data Sources: Atlanta Regional Commission Service Providers List (2018)

English Avenue: Recreation Centers


Vine City: Recreation Centers


Washington Park: Recreation Centers


Recreation Centers within 1/2 mile Boundary of all three neighborhoods

  • Grove Park Recreation Center

With only a single designated recreation center within a 1/2 mile of the neighborhoods' combined boundary and none within the neighborhoods themselves, the lack of safe, well-maintained and accessible places for children to exercise and engage in sports is a central challenge facing this area. Grove Park Recreation Center, the only “accessible” recreation center, is actually 1.8 miles* (36 min walk) from the center of the focus area (at the intersection of Joseph E. Boone & Joseph E. Lowry Boulevards). With more than a third of the households in the focus area lacking a vehicle**, distance is an obstacle to accessing designated recreation centers at the current time.

* Measured using Google Maps

** City of Atlanta Neighborhood Data Dashboard

Recreation Expenditures

Data Sources: ESRI Business Analyst Online (2019)

2018 Average amount spent on Recreational Expenditures.

Recreational ExpenditureEnglish AvenueVine CityWashington ParkAtlanta
Admission to Sporting Events, excl.Trips$24.94$20.22$23.54$62.19
Camping Equipment$7.10$6.18$6.38$16.63
Exercise Equipment and Gear, Game Tables $25.85$21.19$22.15$62.71
Fees for Participant Sports, excl.Trips$50.88$41.00$45.82$119.22
Fees for Recreational Lessons$52.88$41.97$44.99$140.60
Hunting and Fishing Equipment$22.48$18.96$20.44$57.38
Membership Fees for Social/Recreation/Civic Clubs$99.16$76.10$83.51$243.59
Other Sports Equipment$3.40$2.61$2.88$8.09
Water Sports Equipment$2.29$2.11$2.31$6.77
Winter Sports Equipment$2.57$1.99$1.78$6.72
The average annual expenditures on recreation equipment, lessons, and events in the focus area is significantly lower than that for the city as a whole. Among the three neighborhoods, the highest estimated expenditures are in English Avenue and the lowest in Vine City, though the differences are generally small. While not necessarily a determining factor in the level of activity of those living in the focus area neighborhoods, the significantly lower amount of household expenditure on recreation and sports purposes reflects, if nothing else, a marked disadvantage of the area’s children and residents.

Medical Providers

Data Sources: Doctors Database (2018)

Medical ClassificationEnglish AvenueVine CityWashington ParkTotal
Dietitian, Registered0011
Internal Medicine0011
Nurse Practitioner0202
Obstetrics & Gynecology0033
Occupational Therapy Assistant0101
Registered Nurse0235
Social Worker0101
Medical Providers: Laureus neighborhoods and the City of Atlanta
Medical ClassificationLaureus NeighborhoodsAtlanta
Advanced Practice Midwife032
Allergy & Immunology03
Anesthesiologist Assistant0130
Art Therapist01
Behavioral Analyst011
Clinical Neuropsychologist012
Clinical Nurse Specialist017
Clinical Pharmacology01
Colon & Rectal Surgery07
Dietitian- Registered198
Emergency Medicine0170
Family Medicine0123
General Practice09
Independent Medical Examiner02
Internal Medicine1724
Licensed Practical Nurse014
Marriage & Family Therapist040
Massage Therapist027
Neurological Surgery019
Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine- Sports Medicine04
Nuclear Medicine03
Nurse Anesthetist- Certified Registered049
Nurse Practitioner2644
Obstetrics & Gynecology3157
Occupational Therapist191
Occupational Therapy Assistant010
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery01
Orthopaedic Surgery082
Pain Medicine05
Pharmacy Technician04
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation026
Physical Therapist0207
Physical Therapy Assistant015
Plastic Surgery023
Preventive Medicine023
Psychiatry & Neurology0148
Registered Nurse5136
Respiratory Therapist- Certified03
Respiratory Therapist- Registered01
Social Worker1264
Thoracic Surgery017
Transplant Surgery09

28 of the 5,599 medical providers are located in the Laureus focus area neighborhoods. The closest emergency room is at Emory University Midtown Hospital, 1.9 miles* (41 minute walk) from the center of the focus area (at the intersection of Joseph E. Boone & Joseph E. Lowry Boulevards). With more than 1/5 of the residents lacking health insurance**, the emergency is likely an often-used point-of-access for medical needs by those living in the English Avenue, Vine City, and Washington Park neighborhoods.

* Measured using Google Maps

** City of Atlanta Neighborhood Data Dashboard

WIC Authorized Stores

Data Sources: Georgia Department of Public Health (2018)

WIC: WIC is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. WIC provides nutritious foods (primarily through retail grocery stores), nutrition counseling, and referrals to health care and social services. WIC serves low-income pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, infants and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk.

English Avenue: WIC Stores


Vine City: WIC Stores


Washington Park: WIC Stores


Walmart Store on MLK Jr Drive

WIC Stores within 1/2 mile Boundary of all three neighborhoods

  • Walmart Store on MLK Jr Drive

Opened in 2013, the Walmart Supercenter on MLK Jr Drive is the only accessible WIC-authorized retailer for those living in the English Avenue, Vine City, and Washington Park neighborhoods. From the center of the focus area* (at the intersection of Joseph E. Boone & Joseph E. Lowry Boulevards), the Walmart is 0.9 miles (18-minute walk).

* Measured using Google Maps

Maternal Births to Teens

Data Sources: Georgia Department of Public Health (2012-2016)

NeighborhoodTotal Births, 2012-2016Number of Births to Teens, 2012-2016Percent of Births to Teens, 2012-2016
English Avenue1341712.7%
Vine City270248.9%
Washington Park2513112.4%