In 2017, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA launched Sport for Good Atlanta. Made up of students, community leaders, and representatives of nonprofit, corporate, governmental organizations, Sport for Good Atlanta came together and created a shared vision for Atlanta’s Westside, especially English Avenue, Vine City, and Washington Park.

Driven by a shared desire to see a positive transformation in the lives of Westside youth and their communities, we kicked off our work with a strategic planning process that aimed to build a playbook to guide the work of the collaborative, while creating the conditions for strong, meaningful collaboration among participants.

Data Sources include American Community Survey (2013-2017), Atlanta Police Department, APD Urban Planning & Management, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and the US Census (2010).

Our Strategy: The Plays


Objective: Create the Sport for Good Atlanta Leadership Summit for youth and families in the
Westside community neighborhoods.

Objective: Youth graduate prepared to pursue their dreams.

Objective: Create productive school partnerships at both the district and individual school level.

Employment and Income


Objective: Youth have access to career opportunities so they can be independent.

Objective: Build partnerships with postsecondary institutions to offer
training opportunities.

Objective: Increase high-quality training and networking opportunities.

Health and Well-Being


Objective: Increase sports-based
programs for youth.

Objective: Collaborate with target school communities to expand
program offerings and availability for youth.

Objective: Attract quality, community invested

Community Cohesion


Objective: Increase engagement
to build trust within the community.

Objective: Increase resources
that address basic needs of youth and families.

Objective: Build partnerships with faith-based and community



Objective: Increase fundraising capacity and active collaboration
of Sport for Good Atlanta
Alliance member organizations.

Objective: Build the capacity of Sport for Good Atlanta Alliance member organizations to identify their unique value proposition.

Objective: Leverage partnerships.